Classic Logo 2

Sergio Sarkis

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  • Men's / Unisex Classic T-shirt
  • 100% Combed Organic Cotton
  • Jersey 155g (medium weight)
  • Tailored Fit 


The YIN (receptive and yielding)

When a T-shirt is stripped of all identity, it has no colour, no design, no styling. It makes no statement. It makes no anti-statement. It just is. When I put on a white T-shirt, I become a blank canvas as well. I surrender and allow the world to simply be. I become still, silent and peaceful. What an exquisitely beautiful experience to simply let go!

The YANG (active and expressive)

The black T-shirt embodies the Yang, it's complementary opposite - total and uninhibited expression. It means expressing on the outside how we feel on the inside. When I put on a black T-shirt, I become powerful and primal. I actively communicate how I feel and what I want, acting on a visionary impulse to do what I love.

I love playing with these two qualities, which is why I explored them in this collection.