Empowering the World One T-shirt at a Time


I am Sergio Sarkis. I am the founder of T-shirt Adventures. I am an absolute T-shirt fanatic! Always have been. I believe that T-shirts are the most powerful real-estate in the world, covering the hearts and chests of over a billion people per day. It’s incredible how such a simple thing is so widely used and loved. 



I come from a family of T-shirt manufacturers, which originally began with my grandfather Sarkis in 1920s. I was told that he had a pair of “trusty scissors” that he would carry in his left pocket everywhere he went, ready to take a sample of the latest fabrics and colours to use back home.

For me, wearing a t-shirt is so much more than an item of clothing. By expressing our passions with complete authenticity on this canvas, we reveal to the world who we are, what we love and what we wish to become. I also love how a T-shirt can really anchor how we wish to meet the world. 

So this is me, expressing myself through the lens of the T-shirt, my love for the world, my cheekiness, my vulnerability, my creativity and personality.

I hope that my T-shirt designs inspire you, so you can wear one over your heart and chest and go on an adventure of your own!